Easter Egger/Ancona/"Special Black" mixes???

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Sep 2, 2015
I have 4 hens and 1 roo that are a "special black" from Sunnyside Hatchery in WI (a Rhode Island Red/Barred Rock mix from what I can tell). I just got 3 EEs and 2 Anconas. So my question is this... What will I get if I hatch eggs from the EEs or the Anconas? Will the EEs retain the colored egg gene and the Anconas the white egg gene? I'm not looking to breed or sell specific breeds or anything, just curious on what will happen if one of our ladies goes broody :) That is my ultimate hope of course, that one of our ladies will hatch some babies for our next additions :) Thanks!

My "special black" group. FYI, my roo is very large now. This is a pic from last fall
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The blue egg shell gene is dominant over the white shell. The 'Special' Blacks are brown layers. Chicks from the Easter Eggers will likely be green layers. Chicks from the Anconas will likely be brown layers. The mottling gene is recessive, so all of the Ancona chicks should be solid black.
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