easter egger, maybe too young?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by aubreynoramarie, Jun 4, 2010.

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    so ive got a feisty ee and a pretty mellow e.e. both are three weeks old....both are from the same feed store. my dark one, elenore has such a kick and will to live when i pick her up, she just hates me....and my light one, darla screams alot, but is easier to handle. why cant they be easier to sex at this age?!?! heres pics of them. i guess my question is....would their attitudes make them different sexes? my phone cant quite capture their image as a well as a camera could, but my guess is that it wouldnt matter anyhow, as their sexes might be too soon to tell. eeers are so tough. i have put way too many posts on this forum, but im a newcommer and im so worried all the time... any suggestions on anything? any experience on their "youngness". need i wait a few more weeks to know anything????

    im going to post this in the "raising chicks" section along with my "red sex link". i dont know why, i think im just extra nervous about my babies...i couldnt " cull" any one of them bven if i tried.
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    Still too young to tell for sure.

    However, the first one looks to be a pullet from the feather pattern that is showing. The second one I will also guess pullet from the way it is feathering.

    Wait another 3-4 weeks and we will be able to guess better!
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    Too young to tell.

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