easter Eggers quit laying

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Jul 21, 2014
goshen ohio
I have two easter Eggers that are about 5 months old. They have been laying consistently for 4 weeks now. I get atleast 1 every 2 days. I changed their bedding on Saturday and now as of Wednesday I have had no eggs from them. They are acting fine and eating good. The temperature has dropped some here in Cincinnati but not a ton. My 2 leg horns are still laying 2 a day. Should I be concerned or what should I do?
All my chickens have been laying fewer eggs since the days are getting shorter. For some reason, this year seems to be more exaggerated than any other year. I went from getting 8 eggs a day to getting 3. ...and quite a few of mine are in the process of molting, so that is also a reason I'm getting fewer eggs. I'm not sure if they could start molting at 5 months, but if so, that could also be why they aren't laying, and you don't always notice that they are molting at the very beginning.

Changing the bedding shouldn't be a problem at all. It could just be a combination of the colder weather, the shorter days and them starting to molt.
Shorter days may or may not effect new layers...definitely effects older birds.
5 month olds are probably not molting either.

Changing the bedding might have slightly stressed them if they are nervous birds, my EE's are skittish, so it may take a few more days for them to get back with it.

Do you free range? They might have decided to lay out in the range area where no one changes the bedding...lol.
If so, lock them in the coop for a few days. All day and night or at least until mid to late afternoon.

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