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Aug 24, 2009
Just wondering if anyone from the east side of the state would like to start a thread? I check the "Washingtonian" thread once in a while and it seems like most people who post are from the west side. Just wondering what everyone over here thinks?
I think it is a great idea!!! but it should be a eastern washington/ north idaho thread. Since Idaho seems to be mostly bosie area people and I am right on the washington/Idaho boarder and try to use the "washington" thread but everyone is on the west side of the state.

what do ya think?
since I used to live in Wenatchee and LOVE that side of the state (do all our camping etc there) Ill bump for ya to help launch her
...Id probably lurk a bit too even
kathryn4629, I hear ya! The thread wouldn't exclude anyone. Just be more focused on the east side of the state and even western Idaho. Heck even anyone who has ties to this area like drunkdog!

drunkdog, love the Wenatchee area. I actually live in Chelan! Thanks for helping out the thread and feel free to join us anytime!

While this thread is starting, I'll post what poultry I have:

Blue, Black, Blue Splash, Partridge, Buff, Silver Laced Cochins. Light Brahmas, Salmon Favorelles, RIR, Black Langshans, Silkies, and many more!

Roller and Homing pigeons

Eastern and Rio Grande Turkeys

And looking for Geese!
yay!! I will post what I have also.

1 splash cochin
2 buff orphinton
2 EE
2 french copper marans

And trying not to get anymore

here is some pics for you guys!!




Great pics! I still need to figure out how to post pictures. I guess if this thread takes off, I'll be more apt to figure it out!

We are only 9659 post behind the "Washingtonian" thread!
oh oh oh me me me!! can I lurk occasionally?? My dad still lives in Carlton... does that count? I grew up there and am always whining that I MISS EW!!

I am an EW farm girl stuck in the suburbs of WW.. lol!

~~>Kathryn, I love your chickens!
Jefner, welcome! We moved over here two years ago from the wet side. We have always had chickens, but didn't have a coop when we moved, so didn't bring them. Once the coop was built last year, I found 5 hens and a rooster up in Carlton!

Also welcome Rare Feathers Farm! You have a nice website and some great looking birds! We are only about an hour from eachother.

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