Ecologic (EU)/ organic (USA) baby chicks-how to raise little worms, bugs, ants...


6 Years
Sep 27, 2013
Hello! If anybody's there with real ecological/organic chick farming, I am interested in bugs, ants, etc., that you have in your country, which are good natural protein source for eco chicks? How to make more of them, how to raise them (bugs)?

Something I can do on my own, not that thing from the store, not anything someone could buy. I want things I can do myself when I move there.

Is there anyone doing micro eco-farming with just 250 chicken, on 10ha grass&clover land, selling eggs for 1$/piece?

More people from my family has cancer and we see that removing chemicals and unnatural sources are helping with fighting disease. Since watching all those cruel movies with reality picture in chicken farms, smashing thousands of male chicks alive in mashines, we can hardly eat chicken from store and that's why I would really want to have some receipes with real organic chicken mini farming.

Thanks for your help!

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