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    Jul 5, 2009
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    This is what could happen to you if you defend yourself, your family, your animals, livestock, and or property.

    Mr.Gapp has chosen to file a civil laws suit against me.
    Working with an attorney

    Geordie Duckler of
    The Animal Law Practice
    5331 SW Macadam Ave. Suite 299
    Portland Oregon 97239

    I was served a summons to court for:
    Intentional Infliction of emotional distress;
    Loss of Companionship;

    They claim that neither I or any family member or any animal was at risk of being harmed or killed when the two dogs attacked on our property on June 19th of this year. We should have felt no fear because of his two dogs and what they were doing.

    I need your outrage at this travesty of injustice we are all being attacked for the simplest form of the human right to protect Self, Family, and Our property the animals or livestock we are responsible for.

    Mr. Gapp in my option believes that it is his right to use my land and the private land bordering his 10’000 square foot lot for his own use. As do his neighbors, their dogs should have the freedom to run and do what dogs do. Please help me to fight this gross frailer of our system.

    Warning check your insurance because the allegations against me in the summons our alleged to be intentional.

    Farmers Insurance has now dropped my case. Saying they don’t cover intentional acts. Because the Gapps with their attorney have said this was an intentional act Farmers can now drop it.

    Summonses don’t have to state facts they can allege anything. The truth does not matter…
    Farmers after making a low ball offer to pay them off has now drop the case in my hands.

    The police, the city, not a person I have spoken with believe my actions were anything more than defensive.

    I now have less than 25 days to find an attorny to answer this summons or they win...

    Because of the offer Farmers made if I loss and the judge or jury desides for even more than one penny over the $1000.00
    Farmers offerred I have to pay all attnery fees for the Gapps.
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