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    Mar 17, 2012
    I requested an estimated ship date on some guineas I wanted. They put it as about three weeks from my order. I promptly ordered them about 12 hours after their reply. They then send me a ship date of six weeks later. I inquired about the three week estimate and they told me they had given me that estimate days ago and they had since sold out. I was a little mad they lied to me so I showed them the message they sent so they could see that it had in fact been earlier that day. They then reply with a message saying they’d move me to the original estimate but that they may get low hatch rates. I replied offering to take chickens mixed in with my guineas if the hatch rate was low so that they’d have enough birds to ship as I really didn’t need 20 guineas. There response was to cancell my order which pretty much confirmed my suspicions that they have no guinea eggs to hatch as its early in the season and they where selling a product that will not have for quite some time.

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