egg bound/broken, not going in the coop at night.

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    Jul 28, 2014
    I have a 3ish year old New Hampshire red hen who on Monday morning, had membrane and some shell of an egg dripping out of her vent. No prolapse, still able to poop around it. Gentle traction and some heat did nothing and she didn't seem to be uncomfortable, so I let it go to see what would happen. No more visible broken egg parts and she still looks like she's squatting trying to get something out, but otherwise eating, socializing and pooping. She however will not go into the coop at sundown. She just stands in the run (as if waiting for something to eat her, my husband describes). I never knew chickens to have such pre-morbid insight- I was going to bathe her tomorrow and see if I can find any other loose shards in her vent if she makes it the evening, in the meantime, I put her on the low shelf in the coop so that she didn't get eaten. Just wondering if anyone else has ever heard of such a thing.
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    Not sure what gentle traction and heat is.
    Did you gently feel inside her vent with a greased, gloved finger and remove any remaining shell?
    If she didn't go in the coop and she normally has no problems doing so, then she most likely is not feeling well.

    Found a thread for you, Post#2 and 9 give some ideas of what you could possibly do.

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