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    I have a Serama/Americauna mix named "Autumn" who was sitting on 5 eggs for 7 days. Of course, she decided to set up shop in the nest box that everyone else likes to use. One of the eggs she had been incubating was probably broken by a clumsy hen looking to get in the prime next box. The broken egg was all over the remaining 4 eggs.. Leaving them sticky. This was 4 days ago. I didn't wash them off fearing that I would disrupt the bloom of the remaining developing eggs. I've just left them alone since, letting Autumn do her thing. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen? What actions, or lack of action, did you take? What were your results? Hoping the remaining eggs are still viable.

    I have attached a picture of "Autumn" my Serama/Americauna mix. She's pretty cute! Goes broody often.. She has hatched and raised chicks successfully in the past :)

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    I had this happen once with one of my broodies. It's best to wash the gunk off the eggs IMO. All that yucky stuff in a nice warm, moist environment is heaven for bacteria and the bloom on the eggs can only go so far. What I did was wash the eggs carefully under warm (not hot), running water. Do not submerge the eggs and try and be as quick as possible. Pat them dry afterwards and replace them under the hen. My chicks all hatched fine and on time after doing this.

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