Egg delay?


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8 Years
Jan 17, 2012
I just bought a 1 year old Barred Rock hen and iv had her for 5 days, and she hasnt layed any eggs
. Why isnt she laying eggs?
It's quite possible she is in, or has just begun, a molt. Also, just the move could be enough to stop her from laying for a while longer, as it takes chickens a while to adjust to change. If she is with other chickens, the new pecking order may not be settled yet, and causing her some stress, which will stop laying. On the other hand, if she is alone in quarantine, that is a stressor, too. It's also possible she has an internal problem and is no longer able to lay. If she has access to hiding places, she could even be laying and hiding the eggs. Some lines of BR are quite broody, too. There are no doubt other causes I haven't thought of.

Most of mine are molting, and I'm getting one or two eggs a day instead of the usual 6 to 8.

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