egg hatch timing

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    May 19, 2011
    its been a long time since we had hens hatch a clutch, i just don't of our nh red hens is hatching out her clutch now, one peep popped out yesterday, but nothing more yet, we candled them previously, so i know more are on the way, but i think there might be as many as 3-5 days between when some of these eggs were long will she keep sitting on the others? how soon will the chick need out of the box for food and water? what should i do to make her life easier?[​IMG]

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    Nov 19, 2008

    Make sure food and water are VERY close to the nest and that no other hens/chickens can interfere.

    The first chicks hatched will need to eat and drink by three days old. The hen may or may not sit long enough to hatch them all - but you have a better chance if the first ones that hatch are able to eat and drink and pop back under momma in the meantime.

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