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    Sorry I need to ask this. After having chickens for 2 years someone told me the egg and poop come out of the same hole. I didn't think that was the case. Is that true?? I can't find any pics to show me. Thanks

    I have a chicken, 9 months old that seems to be egg bound but I talked to someone at the Pa farm show and he said she's to young to be egg bound. I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing when I go to investigate.
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    Same final back door
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    Quote:Yes it's true. Google "chicken vent image"

    Imp- It's BYCs dirty little secret. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Yep it is true- same exit..

    Hens are never too young to be eggbound!

    make sure you give her extra Calicum (1 tums dissolved in water) Oystershell.
    if you feel the abodomen massage toward the vent gently, if you feel an egg shape, warm bath, massage, add some olive oil to vent area and /or inserted in vent. repeat as needed for comfort (of hen).
    Keep warm and comfortable until egg passes.
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    She must have passed it today. I had my DH come with me to the barn to help me with her and she was outside walking around. I couldn't even tell which one she was. I have 8 RIR's that look all alike. Thanks for your information and help.

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