Egg not hatching on day 25

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Feb 11, 2016
North carolina
I put 6 chicken eggs under my blue cochin who fortunantly went broody.
The following breeds were mixed with a red ranger and placed under the hen.
Rhod island red(1)
Amerucana (2)
Cinnimin queen (3)

One cinnimin queens broke took it out i shouldn't have.
All others went bad ( like stinky bad) except one.Thats the amerucana egg

Its day 25 and no movement in water candling and floated all The way to the top whats weird is when candled the egg is half is sack half blackness like oddly half and half not like a normal looking egg no bad smell

Should i through it out and start over or wait
I ha two dates on my calender labled hatch date so i couldn't tell which one to believe so im now past both hatch dates.

First one by five all most 6 days
Second one by 1 day

Sorry about spelling you all know spell correct:rolleyes:

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