Egg shell stuck to "umbilical cord" on 1wk. old chick


7 Years
Mar 19, 2013
Upstate NY
We just picked up nine chicks from a breeder. Five are 1 week old cochin bantams, and one of them is having some issues. Her breathing is very labored, and upon closer inspection we found that, not only is her "umbilical cord" still attached, but there is a piece of egg shell thoroughly stuck to it.

We know not to pull on it at all, but we're afraid that it is the reason she's not doing so well. We have no idea what to do to help her, honestly. She has no pasty-bum or anything, no build up around the cord, and her vent is very clean. The only symptoms are labored breathing (no clicking sound, no runny eyes or nostrils), and the egg shell & cord.

As mentioned, she's a one week old cochin bantam. Here is a photo of the problem:

(The wetness is water from trying to soak it in some warm water to see if it'd help at all.)

We would really appreciate any help. These cochins are my little sibling's babies and we just lost 3 that we got from a hatchery. If there is anything we could do to help her, then we'll do it.

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