egg shell

started with 5. in november they were 5 months old. we had 3 laying all winter now 4 consistently and an occasional 5. not sure who laid the double shell
It was probably a one time occurance. She may have started the laying process, got interrupted by something and then started again. You'll see all kinds of strange things as their bodies adjust to laying.
If she's acting and eating normal I wouldn't worry.
thanks for the answers. got another one this week. this time the egg on the out side was huge. i dont know how she got it out. it was the size of my hand it had a brittle shell and when i broke it open it had like egg white and then a perfectly good normal sized egg inside. these eggs were found in the barn not the coup. anyone seen this before?
Hope you took a pic of that. Would love to see it!!! Way cool.
i took a few pictures with my cell phone be glad to send them to anyone interested. i dont know how to put them from phone to pc. and yes they have oyster shells readily available and i give them reg. scrath and kitchen scraps like vegies.
i think this might work. i tried to up load the picture if the large egg, my hands are kinda long ive been told i have piano hands so i hope you can see how big the egg is and mind you inside this egg was a normal sized hard shelled egg

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