Eggs....a womans best friend

I thought this statement in the article was dumb:

Labels to skip: Cage Free, Free Range, and Pasture Raised don't guarantee happy chickens.
I second that.. it seems oddly out of place. Nothing about "happy chickens" before that.. the purpose wasn't about "happy chickens".. I dunno.. seems like the reason to skip those labels should be something of reality.. not a measure of "happy" since that in and of itself is subjective.
My Naturopath told me "eggs are your food" about a year ago. I eat them every day!

In France it is not uncommon for a woman to eat 6 eggs for breakfast at certain times.

An interesting tidbit: I get way more full with fresh eggs than with store eggs.
Eggs are my favourite food. Back in the dark ages, my docs, my mother and my reading materials told me not to eat egg yolks because of the cholesterol. Guess what? I didn't listen and I'm healthier for it.

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