Eggs - Cemani, Tomaru, Araucana


13 Years
Apr 12, 2008
Buffalo, Missouri
I need to stop hatching so I won't have chicks hatching when we leave on a week vacation so I'm offering Cemani, Tomaru, Grey Jungle Fowl hybrids and Araucana hatching eggs at a Crazy low price. $25 a dozen plus a flat $10 per dozen shipping. Paypal only.

I culled down to 4 Cemani hens and some of the Tomaru are setting but still getting a few a day. The Araucana's are 3 hens and a totally unrelated rooster. They are duckwings, silver and golden but not perfect patterns on the chick down yet, just getting started again with this variety. All of them are double tufted and all but one hen is rumpless. Hatching a lot of tufted chicks.

You may mix and match what you want in a dozen eggs or all of one breed. I will sell as long as I am getting them. Message me with your request and I'll do my best to fill it. I will even include "one" egg from my "Prince" pen if interested. He is pure Tomaru but starts his longcrow with a laugh. The Grey Jungle Fowl hybrids are out of hens that are also hybrids bred to a pure Grey Jungle Fowl male. They will be wild-ish and should be penned but can have very unique feather colors and some may lay greenish eggs. Please PM me so I don't miss your request. I'm only limited by how many eggs the hens lay.

DSCN3802.JPG DSCN3746.JPG DSCN3741.JPG 10904818_10204153141283355_1452360565_n.jpg 07June2014 135 (1).jpg DSCN0194.JPG DSCN1754.JPG
Hens are slowing down and setting eggs now. Will have one dozen Araucana hatching eggs available to ship either Saturday or Sunday. $25 plus $10 for shipping. May be the last shipped this summer.
Hey, SmoothMule.

Do you typically have Cemani eggs available? My flock is all Silkies and Cochins; Id love to have a few cemanis to add to their already unusual genetic makeup. Id be wllling to take a few eggs, if you have them. Maybe up to a half-dozen?

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