"Eggs for Sale" sign ~ let's see yours!


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12 Years
Jun 1, 2007
Northern York County ~ Pennsylvania
I am going to start selling eggs from my house instead of just to family and friends. I just made this sign to hang at the end of my driveway on the days I have eggs to sell.

It is made from old roofing slate that I painted. I painted the same thing on both sides. I have brown, green & blue eggs for sale.

Very cute..I'll be interested to see everyone elses.

I had built up a nice customer base at school.. until the end of the year when I had broodymania here.. hoping to pick up again when school starts up in
August.. until then.. lots to eat and hatch here.

Oh, I like that!

I want to do something similar when I'm all set up in my new home.

I also will need a "Please close the gate behind you - the chickens have enough free range!" sign for my gate. Or something close to that, anyway.

Here is our Sign...we sell $4.00/doz for Large and $4.50/doz for x large...but people always give us more then what we ask...Can't keep up with the demand here...I really don't even need the sign.


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