Eggs with tails???!!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by vivaciouswoman, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Sep 14, 2015
    IMG_6750.JPG Two days in a row now I've had one of my adult ducks lay a freaky egg. The first one had a full-fledged tail, the second had the tail somewhat integrated onto the shell of the egg.

    We are going through a heat wave, but other than that, I know of no other stressors. My ducks range and have free choice duck pellets available to them. Am I looking at some sort of mineral deficiency or something?
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    Looks like an extra deposit of calcium or combination of that and a lash egg... odd eggs happen sometimes, and heat is a huge stressor, especially for ducks... search odd eggs or lash eggs here and you can find some oddities... if it happens occasionally, nothing to stress over... if it continues and doesn't straighten out, then there could be an underlying cause...
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  4. chickens really

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    Try providing some oyster she'll free choice and keep them cooler...Wetting the ground and shade could help?...
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    I had one with the extra tail attached too. Very hot here as well. 80°+ for northern Michigan is unusual this time of year.

    I see my girls are lazier during the day and I've noticed a rise in oyster shell demand. :confused:

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