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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by abcde, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Mar 24, 2012
    Has anyone tried fencing out predators from a coop used by guineas with an electric net fence? It seems a good way to keep predators out (like coyotes, fox, racoons) while the guineas can just fly over the fence to get in and out. Any experience with this? Does it sound workable?

    Also, I'm thinking of raising a few chickens with a new batch of guinea keets, to make the keets a little more domesticated and get them into the coop/fenced area at night. What breeds would be good for this? I'd like something gentle enough that i can handle it while being tough enough to stand up to the guineas.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Mar 28, 2011
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    I've never used electric net fencing around my Guineas before, but knowing how dense Guineas can be... more than likely the Guineas will try to go thru it and get zapped (probably over and over a few times in a panic, because they aren't all that bright!). Then they probably wouldn't even dare to fly over it to get back in after that.

    Guineas are well known for getting caught behind fences, it is a daily occurrence for a lot of us [​IMG]... lol. Sure they'll fly out with no issues, but suddenly when they want back in the fence grew to 20 feet tall, lol. I think it would take quite a bit of work and time to teach the Guineas to fly in and out over poultry netting, but maybe a landing board would help [​IMG]

    I don't raise chickens, so I can't offer any breed suggestions for you... sorry.

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