Emergency! Broken bill! *update, it's fine now*


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We checked on one of our ducks this morning and were shocked to see one covered with blood. Shadowhills washed what she could off but saw that the bill was split and thats where it was bleeding.

Is there anything we can do? Or would it be better to just put it out of it's misery? It hasn't stopped bleeding at all.
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Can you get to a vet?

Or find a wildlife rehabilitator - they are often volunteers and may be able to give you information on treatment. There is medicine to stop bleeding that you may be able to get at the feed store. Isolate the bird, try to keep it quiet, let it have water.

Wildlife rehabilitators may be listed through your state environmental protecction agency, or on a list online.

I would not give up yet.
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Apply pressure until the bleeding is stopped completely. I don't know how long term the fix would be, but super glue is used is surgery on humans and should hold it together, at least temporarily. Just make sure the duck can still get it's bills open and closed. Good luck!!
We can't afford a vet, and the only one who actually says they do ducks are scam artists. They scammed us out of a lot of money when they came to do a horse we have. There is another bu they're closed on weekends and charge almost double of everyone else.

Here is a picture of it.
Okay, it stopped bleeding. We rinsed it it with saline, and keeping the head elevated. It's split on one side and the other side isn't split much.

I was over dramatic with the culling, allI saw was blood and thought it had broken the entire bill off.

We'll try the local rehabilitation office.


Rehab said they can't help because of their permits. The best they said to do was to take him to the local vet (the one that is closed) and see if the duck can be saved...
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If the bottom bill is fairly good he can live a fairly normal life spooning his feed. They debeak chickens upper beak all the time so they can not peck other birds.
Can you determine how the injury happened? I'm just thinking if it can happen once, it can happen again. I'm sorry you're going through worrying about him and not having vet access - hopefully someone here will come along who's had success treating a similar injury. Do you have chlor-hex solution? it might help to rinse with that.

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