EMERGENCY!! Please help sick goat!!

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    Aug 2, 2007
    My husband just came home to find one of our pygme goats laying on the deck shaking! He seems to have a small amount of foam around the mouth and his stomach is very bloated. I have tried to figure out what he got into but as of yet I am stummped. He seemed fine when I was outside a while ago so whatever thsi is is fast acting. What can I do!!?? Please help!!
  2. This sounds like classic bloat... Hang on
  3. Signs of bloat:

    The abdomen is obviously distended, especially on the left side.
    Signs of discomfort such as "mawing", kicking or grinding their teeth. Depression
    In more serious forms: difficulty breathing.


    Stop the goat from eating any more.
    Administer orally 1/4 - 1/3 cup of vegetable/peanut oil.
    The oil breaks the tension of the bubbles in the stomach/fermentation vat, so they can then pop and the gas expelled.
    Do not use mineral oil. Because mineral oil is tasteless, the goat may not know to swallow and the mineral oil could get into their lungs.
    Massage goats sides, especially the left side (rumen) until the goat begins to burp and fart.
    If the bloat is really bad, call a vet immediately because the pressure in the abdomen can could stop the lungs and heart from working. The veterinarian will release the gas by making a small incision. The incision is made four fingers width behind the bottom of the ribs on the left side of the goat as it lies.
    If the goat is near death, as a last resort, you may try puncturing the rumen with a stabbing action, using a very sharp, pointed knife or preferably a trocar and cannula. Aim for the highest spot on the left side and plunge into the rumen. The danger with this is that the rumen contents and/or dirt from the outside can get between the layers between the rumen, peritoneum and skin and cause a very serious infection called peritonitis. But if the goat in near death, anything is worth trying to save her.

    *ETA- BE CAREFUL GIVING OIL, They can aspirate it into their lungs! Put the syringe far back in the corner of the mouth and depress the plunger SLOWLY*
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  4. When my Nigi had a slight case I did the above and walked her alot, stopping every now and then to massage her belly.
    GOOD LUCK! Do you have a vet just in case?
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    That does sound like bloat and he sounds pretty bad. Sounds like you need to call a vet if you want to save him, unless you have stuff on hand. I have had some get into stuff and have saved them, but never when they were that advanced and down like that. He needs to have the pressure relieved to ease the pain. I would call a vet or a very knowledgeable goat person asap!
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    Rubbing the stomach on the left side also helps - similar to burping a baby.

    An alternative to an incision would be a large guage needle attached to a syringe. Insert needle into stomach and pull plunger up and out of syringe to allow pressure to escape.

    Spend time with him and keep burping him - it's scary but he will release.

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    Ok so I think I have figured out that he got into the cracked corn and scratch grains in the shed. He is very shaky and will not stand. He does belch or burp every once in a while. We have moved him into the house and are rubbing his side. I thnik it is helping. Should I try to "tube " him or as long as he is responsive should I wait??
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    She needs to burping and walking. Rub her belly. When we had a goat bloat, I had tubing from dog bloats (for work) and we gave her Milk of Mag. through the tubing.

    At this point, I would call a vet They can release the gas through the side of the goat with a large needle. If they stomach gets to big, it can twist a bit, allowing air/gas not to escape well.
  9. Someone here on BYC said to me once:

    "GasX is better than oil for bloat. It works very fast and it is much safer. If you get any oil in the lungs you will have a dead goat within a week. "

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