English Ixworth rooster


13 Years
Jul 24, 2010
I purchase 2 English Ixworth roosters today. The plan is cross breed them with my White American Bresse hen for table bird that less flighty, quieter, meatier, and cold hardy. Have anyone made this cross before? What is the outcome (larger bird, blue feet and pea comb)?
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I'll be interested in seeing any following posts. I have 17 Bresse, and plan to keep a flock for future meat birds. I was thinking of crossing in the future with Araucana for their personality.
I am very exited to be able to get the Ixworth roosters. It is super rare and GFF no longer sell on their website. I do like the quietness of this breed. The roosters crowed once on the 1st day, but I haven't heard since. The thing that I don't like so far are a) They don't care/call the hen 2) They attack the hen when come to food. It is mine, mine, mine....
I expect the fertilize rate will be very low, but manual semen extract/fertilize may do the trick. I haven't done so, just looking through Youtube and seem easy enough. To ensure pure Bresse x Ixworth, I will have to wait until late July to early August.
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