Enormous crop/Feathers not regrowing.


5 Years
Aug 17, 2014
Lake Stevens, WA






So, based on information gathered here, this is what I have observed/done so far. I used to think Lucy was just a pig, but clearly there is something wrong. She eats and her crop blows up like a balloon. I tubed water into her and massaged the crop last night. Tried to vomit her but mostly water came out and some scratch. I did not want to be too rough so I stopped and put her on the roost. This morning her crop was empty. I fed her reconstituted flock raiser and the crop blew up again. This has been going on for some time. Today I isolated her with water only and when I got home her crop was empty. I fed her about 1/4 cup of the same mash and this was the result. She is eating and pooping, seems healthy and active, however egg production has slowed and the shells have been abnormal lately (not evenly colored, got a few mini-eggs and overall production slowed) but I chalked that up to the weather changing.

As far as the feathers go, she was missing a lot when I got her 3 months ago. They have started regrowing on her back but not on her wings. She was one of three I got this summer, turns out one was a rooster and he particularly liked her. The rooster has been rehomed and replaced with another hen.

Both of these issues started before the new bird was introduced, but I am thinking I should worm the whole flock? What can I do about the expanding crop?
Are you supplementing calcium with crushed oyster shell for laying while feeding flock raiser? If her crop is emptying okay in the mornings, she may just have a pendulous crop, or be a piglet. I wouldn't vomit her since that can be dangerous, possibly causing her to choke. Her feathers should grow back in whenever she has her yearly molt. Worming with Valbazen or SafeGuard goat wormer would probably be a good idea if she hasn't been wormed yet.
Yes I have oyster shell and grit available in separate feeders. I recently switched from layer pellets to flock raiser since only 1 of 3 was laying.

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