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    :/Does anyone hate EOG's as much as I do. Why is it your child can pass his grades every quarter but if he does not passed the EOG's he fails his grade!!! Talking to the school system is like banging your head on a wall. My child is ADHD, Obssesive Compulsive has panick and anziety attaks and is slow learner and they will not classify him for that 501 plan. And all this is doctor documented, he also has a lower than average IQ . NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND yeah. Right!!!!

    He has failed his first set of EOG, will be taking them again soon and if he fails that one, he will go to summer school.
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    May 31, 2008
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    Poor guy. My DS took his EOCT's last week. We have our fingers crossed on his LA test. His grade is a 73 in there now. If he bombs it.... Trying not to think about it.
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    What's an EOG? My daughter has never had to take any tests to pass a grade. I'm confused...

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    End of Grade Test. They start taking them in 3rd grade. To pass they have to have passing grades, meet teacher standards and pass the EOG's. Even if they have good grades and fail the EOG's they will not pass. I thought this was a nationwide plan, it is the No child left behind program. It really is all about shcools getting funding and keeping their numbers high!
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    No EOGs here. There is something they call dibbles testing, but it is not the end of grade and it is on overall academic achievement issue, part of what grades the school not the child.
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    I hear ya! My son has a extremely high IQ thou he is handicapped mildly it affects his ability to write. He has CP with autistic like features and stinks at testing I have to fight the schools all the time. I have a nice Irish temper in this case it helps LOL
    By the way I think no child left behind is the a nightmare law!!!
    You are the best advocate your child has stand up for their rights!

    I wish you the best of luck!
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    Quote:Ahh Thank you for the explanation. It is not a nationwide plan for sure.
    My daughters schools do not do EOG's. Their grades at the end of the year are based on their performance during the year. ( Homework, quizzes, tests, and class assignments)
    They do take an exam at the beginning of the year that is based on the schools performance, and the results of that determine what funding the school gets.
    I'm not sure why some places may have that pratice, but a child's grade and passing into the next years grade level should NOT ever have anything to do with an exam and what dollar amount the school gets for the following year. That is just ludicrous.
    If any of these school districts that allow this practice claim that this is a nationwide pratice, please inform them they are full of crap, and it IS NOT.

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    The sad thing about school also is, they never do anything fun, no parties, sock hops, no special projects. When I was in school we had special projects like leaf collections, bug collections building exhibits in shoe boxes ect. We can not even send cup cakes on birthdays, they have to come from the cafeteria.

    They are in school all day and when they come home it is homework until 10 at night and straight to bed. No time for playing outdoors or relaxation. No wonder so many children are stressed out and on meds!!!
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    Quote:In my school district the parties, sock hops, school carnivals etc. are almost always parent led. The teachers are too swamped to organize large scale get togethers. Perhaps this is something to bring up to your PTA? If you volunteer to lead one of the events, even better. Yes, it will be a lot of work. But, much of school is what the community makes it.

    I wanted my kids to have art education in their classroom and knew that there was no budget for it. So, every week for years, and years I taught an art class. It was work, time and money on my part, but it was something that I knew had value and would have a positive impact.
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    I believe EOG's are more a NC thing. Just a note, if your child fails the eog they get to retake it. If they fail again, the teacher can pass the child anyway. If they had good grades all year and fail the EOG then they will pass, you just have to go in and tell the teacher to pass them. They try to say they will fail so the kids will try harder (at least that is my opinion). If the child however did poorly all year, and fails the eog, they will not pass.

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