Epilepsy film could use some votes, if you would, please


10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
This is Garett and his film. He's the nephew of my friend and has epilepsy. He has a documentary (was told as a child that he'd die soon and has proven them wrong) that is entered in a neuro film festival.

Neuro Film Festival -- American Academy of Neurology!

Would you please take a few minutes to watch his film and vote? You don't have to register to vote.

PS - When he talks about attending his uncle's wedding you'll see a family picture with him in it. My friend is the lady in the front row all the way on the left.

Thank you!
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I appreciated seeing that, and learned something, to boot. I worked with a young woman who could not drive due to epilepsy. She managed, as well. When I was a child, there was still such a social stigma associated with seizure disorders. People, like your friend's nephew, make such a positive difference by talking about their experiences.

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