Eqvalan water soluble invermectrin?

No answer on the UPA forum either. I did a google search for it & found a mention on a pigeon forum but peacocks are way different from pigeons. Seems like a water soluble form of ivermectrin would be a lot easier to administer than injectable or a drench.
Opinions, anybody? I"m trying to find an avian vet to ask but none around here. I might call LSU vet school in Baton Rouge & see if I can find an answer to this question.
I wonder what vet tends to the animals in our local zoo....
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i have not used it in the water, but have heard that some people do. I have also heard that giving it by mouth long term can cause damage to organs at it is absorbed much more quickly than applied to the skin, but I don't know for sure.
I have never used it either, so sorry can't give you and answer. Myself I like the pour on.

Also if you put it in water , how would you control how much each peafowl got.
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Yep, that's true, also, if it is water soluble, it's not the same as the ol tried and true Ivermectin. They had to change the chemical make up of it to get the product to dissolve. Therefore , it's not Ivermectin as we all know it any more. I believe the label has it as IvOmectin on the product you are asking about. In this case, trial and error is the only way to know how they will react to it and how effective it is in comparison to the original formula...
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