Investigating Error to many redirects.


6 Years
Jun 10, 2013
I'm sure it's probably my end. But if I try byc on my Wi-Fi I get an error to many redirects and won't load.

If I shut off WiFi and use mobile data works fine. Was working when used the 202. Number to get to site.

Have dumped cashe, cookies, rebooted phone, tried different internet browser.
Going to need the URL that was being used (if you can remember please).

There are a few redirects in place, so could be something catching that's not supposed to be.
Sorry I didn't include this!

For me, it was all links to BYC. I first tried my bookmarks that included:

... but then after those, I'm pretty sure I simply typed in the domain and got the same result. Maybe it was cached in FF?

I went over to Chrome and everything worked fine. When I closed my FF and cleared cache / cookies for the day it worked.

I've changed my bookmarks now.
That could be a browser cache issue, with people switching from the IP to the domain name.

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