Essential Viewing.....Chicken Playing the Piano!

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  1. kidding, this chicken has just entered the America's Got Talent competition. You really got to see this to believe it! LOL :) A Brahma of course! Theyve got brains them Brahmas......

    Enjoy :lau:lau:lau:lau :clap
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  2. :eek::eek:

    This really made my day! Wow! Thats amazing!:wee

    Smart chicken!

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    Fabulous! She also played it pretty much in time. Did she get voted through to the next round? Does she do other songs?

    I'm going to tell my girls they've got to stop wasting their time eating bugs and get to work!
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    I'm speechless.
  5. You all know what this means now don't you?

    Yep - our girls are letting the side down. Clearly we need to educate them so that their own musical talents can shine. Get busy girls!

    Who would have guessed that this was possible????
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    This video is priceless. Thanks for sharing!
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    I love that video and in awe of the bird performing in front of a large audience. I have to mention tho the only other time I have seen a chicken playing keyboard, there were lights that came on for each note in sequence and the bird was trained to peck at the lights.:D Its still a very cool trick! And clearly the audience was amazed.
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    Lol! I love that video. I swear when she stopped to clean herself she was like; "hey, don't you 'boo' at me. A girl has to look nice during her show!!" :p
  9. I do wonder how they taught her that! Its pretty crazy.
  10. I know....can you imagine the patience that's gone into training that chicken! The video just blows me away. No idea the outcome of her audition.....if I find something else I'll be sure to post it here.

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