Every one sold out?!


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Jun 27, 2011
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Man! I am soooo glad I got my order in for chicks that are shipping today from Ideal! They called me a few minutes ago to tell me that they didn't get enough of the black crested white and the buff laced polish and so they couldn't send me those. I was sooo disapointed about these. They're the ones I was super excited about and now they're not coming. So I looked around at the other well known hatcheries to see if any of them had at least the buff laced polish available for the next few weeks and nobody has anymore.

I looked at all the other breeds on each website to see if I could find something else to replace them and nearly every hatchery is sold out of pretty much everything until 2012! That is nuts!

I can't believe it.
I'm not surprised. For one thing it is late in the season. The unusual heat has put many birds off of laying.

Then, on top of that, the USA appears to have gone homestead crazy and so many people who would have never considered it before are putting in a couple of chickens.

The mail order nurseries (plants) have been selling out of everything that is edible, sometimes a year in advance, because of unexpected high orders for first timers who have decided to grow food.

If you want those breeds, I suggest that you put in your order to be delivered later and wait.
I'm ok with getting them later on. It just surprised me that they could sell out in that many different breeds for that long.
I just received two polish chicks from My Pet Chicken last week. Their website still has them listed as available on a few different shipping dates. You might try there.
I looked but I think they're the ones that didn't have the buff laced. I can't remember which ones had which but that if they did have them they were sold out.
I know you probably want chicks rather than adults, but First Monday in Canton is the weekend and I have not been out there a single month that someone did not have Buff Laced Polish for sell.
Canton....hmmm.. I haven't been before but I'll have to see about going one of these days. If there really are some buff laced I'd be fine with adults. I just went with chicks because I wanted an assortment and was ordering from Ideal. I hadn't seen any buff laced before and just added them to it. Later when I saw actual pictures of them instead of the illustrations I was sooo excited that I had put them on the order.

I've got a few polish eggs in the bator right now but I don't think there are any buff laced. There's supposed to be some frizzle though and in rare colors.
There is one person in particular that usually has 20-30 buff laceds out there every month. There is another lady that I got a black crested white from out there too, but those aren't as common to see. I ended up selling her though because decided to not raise Polish.
I also had Black crested White on the order and they were out of those too.

Does canton have a specific section for the animals, etc?

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