Everyone ready for the switch to DTV on Friday?

Can't come quick enough for me, I'm tired of hearing about it.

Steve in NC
Gads you are so right Steve. We have our converter box and new indoor attenna but will need an outdoor to get more than 4 channels. We had statelite but stopped it due to money when gas went so high. Luckily there was really not that much we watched anyway.

All I have seen on the tv is that they will be switching I too am so sick of it. Just do it already.
This time of year our TV is a big dust collector anyway - it's on in the morning for about 20 minutes so we can get our fill of the "turmoil in the middle east", "everybody get a bailout but us", and our fav. "prices of everything continue to rise" news.

You can find us out back watching the poultry channel.

Sounds about like here. 30 minutes of the most depressing show on earth, we call it "the news" with breakfast... and some TV in the evening when it's gotten to dark to do anything else.
Same here in KS!

We have the old rabbit ears and get 2-3 channels now but have to scan- rescan from time to time and I'm afraid may loose it altogether on FRIDAY! I guess we need to get a outdoor antenna! Maybe come winter when we are inside more!!
Hubby works nights so the only time we watch news is when he is off. We get it a 10pm.

Yes outdoor Antenna and a bit of money. It will cost us close to $300 just for the antenna and poles and such. We need the real good one since we are out there and have mountians close by. We have to buy the radio shack converter too since the walmart is not good enough. I do not plan on holding antenna and rescanning to get a differant city or channels each time. Let the converter do that for me. Walmarts will not but RS will and it is the only other one in town and $10 more to get it. Oh well at least we have another coupon.

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