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8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
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Monday: 6 -745 Taekwondo (hardcore school; not fluffy one)

in it I did:

200 lunges (knee 1 inch from floor, hold it) talk about painful
125 complete situps
45 knuckle pushups

at least 500 kicks..
about 10 min. of sparring (fighting) due to my knee being bad..
if it wasnt bad I'd have sparred at least 20..

then ate a southwest grilled chicken salad at McD's (btw - 8 ww pts w/o dressing)

I walked to my car and drove to work, then I ran my butt all over the place trying to get answers that weren't there.

I gave up on dieting and exercise a while ago. I figure parking far away and eating healthy foods was good enough for me. Lo and behold I a, down 60 lbs in 3 years.
Yesterday I did 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer and took an evening stroll. Today I do strength training and 15-30 minutes on the elliptical trainer. I've got bad knees, so things like deep lunges ain't happening here.

I find it much easier to add exercise than to reduce calories, but I'm still trying. Adding exercise doesn't make my weight change. I've trained for and completed a marathon without losing a pound.
My shape changed, but the weight remained the same. The knees don't do running anymore.
This Country gal's exercise schedule:

Yoga 3 x 7 a week. Long walks in the woods to find lost calves, hours of brushing my dog and two horses - no telling how many square bales of hay I've stacked and restacked just because I hear kittens crying somewhere in the middle of my hay. Occasional 500 yard sprints to get the rifle from the house to shoot that pesky coyote. 100 wheelbarrow pushes to move feed out of the leaking building. 150 squat thrusts to find mama kitty who wants me to put her kittens back where she left them. Several minutes of jumping jacks when mama kitty does not appreciate my attempts to rescue her babies. 15 windmills when my feet found the muddy spot which formed around the leaky building while I was busy doing jumping jacks. One pretty dang impressive 'boat pose' while I slid on my fanny toward the electric fence. 10 more jumping jacks to untangle myself from the feisty fence. Then I had a nice cool down by walking along the creek back to the house to avoid the cattle who thought it was feeding time. I usually finish my daily work out by doing lengthy couch presses and then taking a nice, long, hot bath.

My farm is my gym. If you wish to work out with me I won't charge you a dime. And I'll give you a free kitten.
Type 1 Diabetes runs rampant in my family and I think because I don;t want to go blind like my Uncle and Gram,lose toes, feet and half legs like my Dad, Uncle and grandfather. My Brother died of Pancreatic Cancer and all are long dead now. Sugar is NOT my friend and I LIVE for fresh veggies with the hope that keeping my bloodsugar in check and NOT going overboard to kill what's still a useable pancreas.. Staying active, keeping the circulation going in your feet, staying away from sugar and sweets.. Ok a nibble here and there is OK.. But, when you have a health scare in your life personally or know someone who did. It's good to try to make better decisions for yourself..It doesn't have to be all at once.. Just 1 cookie instead of 4, 1 serving instead of 2..Maybe choose a salad instead of the burger.. It's all about making small changes , making a better choice and keeping hydrated and moving.
Do you ever watch how little kids move? They run, jump, spin.. Their head whip from side to side, pain free when someone calls their names.. No turning of the upper body. They squat down to look at ants, then jackrabbit start to start running to jumprope.. They can do it because they are generally pain free and are inconstant motion..
We sit all day, tied to a desk, or watching Tv..over time, we lose our ability to move freely and without pain. Our bodies betray us and we forget what it was like to be so young and active.
There's NO better time than the presnt to get up and do something different and make a change.. just one small change to help yourself live a little easier.

take a yoga class or Tai Chi.. Like Nike says.. just do it..
Ok, I am crawling off my soapbox..

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