exhibition stock reduction

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    Mar 27, 2012
    exhibition stock reduction. All birds are proven or are from proven stock. will be going to waverly Iowa swap reserve your birds now. If not attending shipping is available. Npip certified.

    2 pairs of Jubilee Orpingtons: $250.00 per pair
    Pair of Blue laced red wyandotte: $75.00
    Pair of Silver Phoenix:$75.00
    Pair of Lemon Orpintons:$40.00
    Buff Orpington pullet:$15.00
    2 White leghorn Pullets:$15.00 each
    (pet quality) White crested black polish:$10.00 each

    Quad of salmon faverolles:$200.00
    Pair of White Leghorns:$40.00
    Pair of D'Anvers:$40.00
    Trio of Columbian Wyandottes:$150.00
    (pet quality) Naked necks:$5.00 each

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