Experience with Mt Healthy Hatchery?


10 Years
Dec 27, 2009
Please share your thoughts on this hatchery. I'm specifically interested in their White Rocks. They claim that they are larger than average and are great layers.
never bought directly from them but the chicks and ducklings i purchased from the feed store came from Mt Healthy Hatchery...and they turned out to be extremely healthy and beautiful birds
I received an assortment of heavy breed pullets from Mt. Healthy the first week of June. I have been extremely pleased with all the breeds I ordered. I have some Partridge Rocks, EEs, SLW, Giants, BSL, Comets, Amberlinks and White Rocks. They are now about 2 and 1/2 months old and the White Rocks are by far the largest. They already look like they are about 3 weeks older than the others, even though they are the same age. If they continue to grow like they have been, they will be very large birds. Of course, I don't know about their laying ability yet, but I'm anxious to see. If they turn out to be good layers, I'll be putting in a larger order for them next spring.
I have had very positive experiences with chicks purchased from Mt. Healthy Hatchery (Cincinnati, Ohio). Over the past two or three years I have purchased Barred Rocks, Easter Eggers and Buff Orpington pullets from this hatchery and all of the chicks survived and grew into adulthood. Mt. Healthy's customer service was polite and helpful. The chicken arrived when promised and they were alert and in good condition. Although I did not have any specific experiences with Mt. Healthy's White Rocks, I think your making a purchase from this hatchery would have a good outcome.
I haven't ordered directly from Mt. Healthy however my feed store orders from them every year, and this April I was there and helped unpack chicks - final count was i think 14 boxes? so 1400 chicks of 1400 chicks only 10 arrived dead. so less than 1/100 which I believe was completely awesome and the guys said that they usually only have a handful of their 1000+ shipments arrive DOA.

Mt. Healthy has nice leghorns, Rocks, RIR, and the other layers they carry and the ones I've gotten from feedstore from Mt.Healthy were always great layers - the only thing is if your looking for 'close to standard' color and shaped birds - they are like most hatcheries and you will get average birds look wise - but again great healthy layers!
Thought I'd share a few pics of my White Rocks I received from Mt. Healthy in mid-June. They are almost 3 months old and quite big. I hope you'll be able to tell how much larger they are than their hatch mates in the pics. I'm really anxious to see what kind of layers they are.


I thought I would show some updated pics of my Mt. Healthy White Rocks. It was pretty cold when I took the pictures so they are a little "humped up". They are still growing and haven't started laying yet. But they are BIG birds. I am thoroughly impressed with their size. I never expected this from hatchery birds. I can't wait until they start laying.









I ordered 50 easter egger pullets this past spring and ended up with a lot of roosters : ( BUT they were all healthy : )

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