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  1. I have just purchased 2 Pure Bred Lavender Blue Araucana hens, will they lay a different color egg each day??? I know they wont lay a pink egg one day then a blue one the other day, but will it go from a blue egg one day to a green egg to a paler blue, because that's whats happened over the last three days, but cant figure out if one hen lays a green egg and one lays a really noticeable blue egg to a really pale blue egg or what???
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    I'd say there both laying. The shade of blue will change but will not turn to green..I have 2 ee's that lay green eggs and some days their eggs are med green but one lays eggs that are hard to tell aprt from a white egg until you get it out in the sun. A few days later its darker again. Changing shades is normal.
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    A hen's egg is darkest at the beginning of her laying cycle, so if she lays blue eggs, they will be their brightest blue when she first starts laying then turn paler as her laying cycle continues. After she's had a break, they will be darker again. If one egg is very blue and the other is kind of greenish, that means different hens are laying each egg.
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    Each Chickenlay the same color eggs through out its life. A green egg layer will never lay a brown or pink egg. The shade will change, sometimes getting darker or paler. So basically, if you go to the nest box and find three eggs. One green, one blue and one white, that tells you that three different birds layed them.

    This is refering to healthy birds under normal circumstances.

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    A green layer can lay a blue egg. A green egg is a blue egg with a brown coating on top. If the chicken's body skips the coating process, you will get a blue egg.

    It's normal for a blue layer's shade to change some. Shape should stay the same though.
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    I stand corrected. My blue layer tends to lay anywhere from a very light powder blue to a very dark almost royal blue. I haven't seen her lay a green hue yet. Perhaps it's just a matter of time.

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    But how often does this really happen from one day to the next with a healthy hen? I've seen it with a brown egg, but that is really rare and it is always the same hen when it happens.

    Green is just brown on blue so the shade of green depends on how much brown is laid on top of the blue. It's pretty normal for the shade of brown to get lighter the longer a hen lays after a molt. The hen uses up stored pigment and recharges that pigment during the molt. By the time she is ready for the next molt, a lot of brown-egg laying hens are laying really light eggs. Sometimes they look almost white.

    I'm not sure how the blue works as far as getting lighter the longer she lays. I've only had green egg layers. It makes sense that the shade of blue could change too. I've just never had that experience with blue.

    So a green egg will normally get lighter green through the laying season. I haven't experienced it but I can easily envision a light green egg turning almost blue before a molt, like a brown egg can look pretty white. But day to day, my green egg layers and brown egg layers are usually pretty consistent on the shade they lay. It's gradually over time that I see a difference.
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    Not that often. With my green egg laying EE, it's happened twice in the almost 4 years I've had her. Her eggs do get to a lighter green over her laying cycle.

    I've never noticed my blue layers lightening over the course of their cycle, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention to their eggs. The shade of blue has changed, like if they hadn't laid the day before, sometimes the next egg comes out darker.
  9. thanks every one for the help, so i think whats happened is that my blue egg laying hen just had a one of because hears how it went,

    1st day of having them- 1x Lavender blue colored blue egg, a one off i reckon (she did lay it at about 5:00 in the afternoon) 0x green egg.

    2nd day- no eggs (change of routine)

    3rd day- no eggs (change of routine)

    4th day- 1x green egg (a nice distinguishable green egg) 0x blue egg

    5th day- 1x pale blue blue egg (not like the first blue egg) not greenish is any way 0x green egg

    6th day- 1x pale green egg, not like the first green egg.

    7th day- no eggs (change of routine)

    This is out of 2 hens, but its almost like there taking turns???
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    Are you sure that she layed it at 5:00 in the afternoon? Because that's very rare and really only happens if the birds are stressed out and lay 2 in one day.... The only reason I say that is because chickens can't lay past 3:00, not enough light left in the day...

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