Eye irritation vs infection

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9 Years
May 13, 2010
Central Arkansas
While prepping a bird for show Wednesday I may have gotten vetRx in her eye because by the time I got her to show site that evening her eye was red, kinda watery, irritated looking and she was kind of "winky" with it. I am sure it wasn't like that before, but may have got a scratch with pine shavings that blew into her eye on the way. Who knows?? I rinsed it out really well and have been watching it. It remains red, watery irritated, etc. No goopy drainage just clear tearing. I've rinsed and put visine in. So now is it time to treat? And with what? I have 0.3% gentamycin opth and 10% Sulfacetamide opth.??? Like I said no purulent or goopy drainage.

Thanks in advance.

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