Eye issues


6 Years
Jun 24, 2013
Ok so one of my birds had fowl pox but is doing much better now she has on scab left and it is going away very quick(not on closed eye), but one of her eyes during all this closed it never was swollen no discharg anything , and it still isnt. But she still has it closed. She is moving around fine eating, drinking etc, but i noticed the other day the other bird in with her has the same thing going on with her eye as well,but no scabs, discharge or other signs of fowl pox just closed and acting fine. I dont have any pictures to post right now. But from what i have decribed can anyone help me with what this might be? I dont want to go and buy 100 diffrent meds, is there any thing that Tractor supply would have that i can buy to give them or should i just let them be for now? Thanks in advance
Was it wet or dry fowl pox? The treatments are different for both and wet is considerably harder to rid than dry. Sometimes the girls will keep one closed for a little longer and it's no big deal, whereas others have something else going on in there. Have you opened the eye to see how it is on the inside? You want to check for redness or spots that shouldn't be there. If they had a fever the eye could burn like when you have a fever, hence wanting to keep it closed.
it was dry pox, and i opened both birds in questions eye and it looked normal no redness. there not swollen or anything but when i noticed the other hen lastnight had her one i closed i was wondering what it could be?
Just tired and weak from healing. I am glad it was dry pox. They will open them again when the feel 100%. You might want to look into something to prevent mosquitoes as they are what spreads the pox to the chickens. I changed my bedding to sand and use one vanilla tree air freshener and no longer have mosquitoes. I live in a really humid climate so pine shavings were begging to breed them. There are other natural and cheap things to try to keep them away as well like a bowl of beer being anywhere near the coop will attract and kill them and flies, acv in the water to prevent breeding, and much more.
i ordered the fowl pox vaccine so it should be in this week, but im still going to put some preventative stuff out

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