factory farms in washington state. PLZ HELP

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    Jun 27, 2010
    i am looking to rescue 1-2 factory farm hens, but i m having a lot of trouble locating a chicken factory farm in Washington state. i am going to keep a jurnal of her recovory, and vidio diary of her progress, and put it on youtube for the world to see. i am also planing to write a news paper artical about it. so please, will you help me find factory farm in Washington, Idaho, or Oragon.
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    As long as there is such a huge demand for cheap eggs & chicken there will be these factory farms. I think you've got a good idea to bring more awareness of the conditions in which these food items are produced. But I do not think the solution is to attempt to rescue every spent battery hen, nor every White Leghorn cockerel chick. There are Just. Too. Many. Of. Them. For many of those spent hens, unfortunately, the best thing for them is to send them to The Other Side of the Road, to end their misery. Others will require a lot of care & attention that should more practically be spent on more productive chickens. And in the White Leghorn breed we've got a super-efficient egg laying hen, and a breed that can be feather-sexed at hatch. But sadly, there is little use for the cockerels, they are very inefficient in feed-to-meat conversion. It's not nice to think about, but there's little other use for them but to cull them quickly right away. I believe there is some commercial use for them after that.

    I think you're on the right track! But perhaps you could direct your intellect & energies towards these two things:
    1. Making conditions better for commercially-kept chickens while also
    2. Making inexpensive eggs & chicken available for human consumption so that even the poorest people can benefit from their protein and nutrients.

    Meanwhile, make your voice heard by voting with your dollars for eggs & chicken raised in the most accomodating fashion you can find & afford.

    I wish you success! [​IMG]
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    Please be helpful.

    This is obviously a person with youthful passion and instead of jumping on the OP, please try to educate and discuss without the nasty comments.

    Otherwise, the report button is your friend.

    Thank you.
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    Here is a link to the website of a commercial egg producer in the Northwest. Check it out for insights in to how comemercial eggs are produced.


    Make sure you explore all sides of the commercial farming issues, don't rely solely on Animal Rights Groups or other anti-agriculture organizations for your information.

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    ok i just wrote a really long post and then it got deleted so here i go again [​IMG]

    if i were you i would get at least 3 hens because if one dies (which their is a good chance of) then the other will not be alone and at best you should get 4 or 5.

    i wanted to get a few rescue hens too and after months of calling people and searching for a factory farm i was not able to find any in the area. so what did i do? i went to a live poultry market and bought two silkie chickens for $8 each. i think this is the best way to go if you want to rescue some birds from their tiny cages
    - the live poultry processing plants only keep their birds for a few months before they sell them but the egg farms will keep them at least a year which means they develop more health problems
    - most ethnic poultry processors will sell you silkies which tame down a lot better then leghorns. my silkies that i got would eat right out of my hand when they got home and i could hold them but i think that would take i lot of time for a egg laying breed to do
    - you would be surprised of how many meat markets and poultry processing stores their are but its not easy to locate a factory farm
    - the meat processing stores will happily sell you live birds but not all egg farms will let you in to pick one of the chickens
    - a lot of people know about industrial egg farms but few people are aware of the live poultry markets and ive only read a few articles about the cruelty in them. i think that you could teach people about something they aren't very aware of rather then something they know a bit about like the factory farms.
    the are only a few down sides to buying from the processing stores and they are

    - if they don't have silkies available then you might be out of luck because they mostly only sell silkies and cornish cross and somtimes the spent egg layers (a cornish cross will die of heart failures so their not much point in rescuing them) and only the ethnic places sell silkies. although if you don't mind the species then you could buy some ducks, geese, rabbits, pigeons or other animal from them.
    - some states have rules about selling live birds
    - if you are squeamish then you will have a hard time because they slaughter birds right in front of you and they smell smells like death

    you might also want to do it through a rescue organization because they will sell you factory hens that are healthy but they often don't have any available or they might be able to tell you of some factory farms
    here are some rescues in WA

    and if you cant find any factory farms then i strongly suggest you go to a live meat market/poultry processors

    Mineral Springs Poultry
    25500 Yamhill River Road, Willamina, OR 97396
    (503) 876-8231

    China Poultry
    Renton, WA 98057
    (425) 251-6388‎

    Draper Valley Farms
    600 Southwest 7th Street, Renton, WA 98057-2916
    (425) 793-4135‎

    and if you just type in poultry processor near WA under google maps their is tons of them
    here is some info on them
    good luck with your new chickens‎!! [​IMG] it is always rewarding to see them free ranging after being in tiny cages and taking their first dust baths in the dirt but just be prepared for vet bills
    and you are doing a very kind thing by helping these hens [​IMG]
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    Quote:What about those who are equally as passionate about the spread of MISINFORMATION??
    What about the GOOD that comes from a well run factory farm?
    What about the FAMILIES that operate ethical factory farms? Their livelihood depends on their livestock and its a fact that one misguided, well intentioned, individuals "rescue" of the poor animal can be financial ruin for a good, hard working family. Said family usually provides employment for local citizens in small communities where they may be one of, if not the only, employer.
    Emotions can have devastating results.
    We keep placing human emotions and feelings on............dumb animals. There is a difference between animal husbandry and abuse. I'll guarantee you that animal that was hatched in cage, raised in cage, fed in a cage etc, has no clue its in a cage. To it, its world IS a cage. And if it knows the difference, it forgot because they have REAL short memories. Like old people. ...what was I saying..[​IMG]

    OH, now I remember..............Where would this country be if we all still had to depend on ourselves to grow and preserve ALL of our own food? I can do it, but I'll bet that nearly 100% of everyone living in New York City, for example, would starve.
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    There is a way to present your point and a way not to.

    Most people are more willing to listen if you talk reasonably (our own children excepted [​IMG] ) than if you insult and flame.

    Education is not making someone feel dumb or unwelcome. Education is helping people learn different ways means and views.

    Anything further about this should be taken to PM as this is just derailing the OPs thread.

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