Apr 18, 2020
Portland, Oregon USA - 97217
I guess I would call my home a homestead-in-progress. We have 25 acres for two people, one dog, and four chickens. We got "pandemic chickens," like thousands of other people, but it was always a plan to get them when I retired. Covid retired me, so now I have chickens. :)

I'm big into gardening, and am loving the poop! I had the best compost ever this year. Even I thought it looked tasty. (No, not really.) We had the best potato, onion and tomato harvest, though the 'maters still were not enough for canning. I have lots of plans already for next year.

My chickens are not lap chickens, and I wish I had handled them more as chicks. I thought hand feeding them would be enough, but maybe not for Black Australorps. They will eat treats from my hand, will get on my lap for treats, but are not cuddlers. So no petting, no cuddles.

Pet Coco for me, if you think of it, please? She is beautiful.
You need more Chickens!

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