Favorite Breed For Flavor?

Thats what I keep hearing. I want to get some marans to put with my EE's and get different shades/colors of eggs, and was looking to start caponizing, as I have jersey giants as well, so that would be splendid, the maran could serve multiple purposes. How is their behavior?
The boys you have to be picky with, at least thats my opinion, some crow a lot and some just have bad boy behavior. I have a Splash Marans roo that is well behaved and watches over the girls nicely. I hatched a nice Black Cooper roo and so far he's been great also. I'm selling 2 BCM's though due to bad boy behavior also a Wellie roo didn't know I had him wanted a girl. The Marans have a darker meat even the breast is a little darker but good flavor. Faverolles taste good also.
the news about marans gets more and more appealing, i love dark meat, much better than white meat. i plan on starting to caponize all cull roos prior to freezer camp, so that will hopefully ommit the aggressive behavior, and i will only keep a calm settled roo with my hens, i had heard that they could be flighty, somewhat combative, and hell when broody, but thats okay, i dont take flack from anything, especially not a food source.

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