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  1. MrOrpington16

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    Aug 28, 2013
    Tell us your favorite breed. List some characteristics of the breed you like and why you they are your favorite!
  2. Wyandottes7

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    Jul 24, 2013
    My favorite breed is the Wyandotte! Here are reasons why I like them:

    • They are sweet and docile. My hens are gentle to humans, and aren't too mean to each other.
    • Wyandottes have an inquisitve personality. My birds always want to know what's going on, especially my Columbian Wyandotte! She's always poking her head into things and getting herself into trouble.
    • They are great layers. My Silver-Laced Wyandotte laid about 230 eggs in her first year, while my Columbian did even better, laying 299 (nearly 300!). They continue to lay well.
    • Wyandottes are very beautiful. They come in so many different varieties, each one unique in its own way. The Columbian Wyandotte, in my opinion, is especially pretty, with snow white feather contrasting with black hackle and tail feathers.
    • Their personality! Wyandottes have an arrogant, enthusiastic personality. They strut around intimidating other birds with their chest puffed out and their head high. Wyandottes think that they are queens compared to other birds! They are always enthusiastic to go running as fast as they can for a piece of bread. They also like stealing tomatoes from tomato plants or sneaking away raspberries.
    • Lastly, their noises! My Wyandottes make different noises than my other chicken. My Silver-Laced doesn't make the nicest noises (they can get kind of annoying), but I love my Columbian's noises. She makes cooing noises, and "oooo, ooo" noises, as well as a sort of wail. The noises change in intensity and vary in inflection, sometimes sounding like demands or questions.

    Well, thats why I love my Wyandottes!
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