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Dec 22, 2009
Hill Country Texas
I will add pics when I am able to fix my other computer....

I got some of Fay's auction eggs here the other day and they came perfect in the box with individual wraped eggs. The eggs looked great. I will edit in a pic here in the near future.....

I got a Blue/Black Copper Marans, Welsummers, and Blue/Black Ameracaunas from Whitmore Farms and the post office decided to put a heavy object on top of the box during shipping.... The center 4 eggs were broken and egg goo was every where. It must have happened early in shipping because some of it was dry sticking eggs to the foam thing they were in. I had to remove the broken eggs and try to clean the goo off the eggs that were intact.... I used cool running water, a damp then a dry paper towel to clean the eggs up. I set them big end up for the past 20 hrs or so and I have set them in the incubators. I don't hold out high hopes for the eggs but I figured I may as well give them a try.... I will post pics when I can...

Day zero is today.......

Good luck Derrick. Hope you get some eggs from Whitmore Farms they have amazing birds I know Will Marrow and have been to the farm before. Good Luck with them sorry to hear what happened during shipping.

So glad the eggs got to you safely Derrick !

I hope for a big successul hatch for you from all your eggies ! Hopefully the Whitmore Farms eggs surprise you ! I have had eggs arrive at my door like that before and still got a decent hatch so heres hoping !!!

I'll be watching
mine will be shiped on tuesday (that is right sharks
) and i'll post pics when i get them.
I finally got my computer fixed....
I downloaded the pics for you to check out.

Here is the eggs after cleaning up the mess of shipping.

The ones on the right are Welsummers and the ones on the middle left are BC Marans. The blue ones are the Ameracaunas and the top are Fay's BLR Wyandottes...


Here is day zero. I had too many eggs and had to borrow a friends incubator for the extra's. I have never used it and don't have a humidity probe to use. I think the humidity is around 30% or so in the room. I plan on moving them over to mine after I candle and find any clear eggs... If I don't find clear ones, then they will have to ride it out in the borrowed bater.....



I'm day four in the incubation process and the borrowed bator seems to be holding temps pretty good. I don't really know the humidity in the bator so who knows how the six in there will be doing. I plan to candle day 10 or so and clear out any clear ones from the bator with the humidity control and put in any good ones from the unknown humidity incubator. What if they all are good...?
I don't think that would be a problem with the rough handeling they had....

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