Feahered feet...


Aug 7, 2016
I have Mille Fleur D'Uccle hens and Mille Fleur hens and rooster, my question is if I breed the D'Uccle hens with the clean legged Mille Fleur rooster, will I have feathered feet on my chicks or should I seek out a rooster? Mine got killed.

Feather footing is dominant trait, so the chicks will likely have it, but they're not going to be as heavily feathered as their mother. What breed are your other mille fleur chickens? If you want to keep your breeds pure it would make more sense to seek out a d'uccle rooster to put over the hens.
That's what I thought. Thank you for confirming , the other Mille fleur are old English bantams . They are all bantams .

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