Feather Eating Chickens

Dec 23, 2020
Washington, PNW
So, I recently noticed that my ladies were all picking on one hen. Today, I was spending time supervising them when I saw that they all were pulling out the chicken's feathers and eating them. I think they might need more protein, I feed 18%. I also feed them table scraps that include meat, and they eat bugs. How can I provide them with more protein? It needs to be fairly affordable. Also, I have one bully hen who picks on everyone, and once the feather eating problem stops, do you think I could use No Pin Peepers? She chases the hen mentioned above and pushes her to the ground and pulls out her feathers and pecks her skin. I saw this happening before the feather eating. Thanks in advance!
Feather picking and eating is not always about protein.
The bully problem could be the main problem.

Look first at your space.
How big is the coop and run, in feet by feet?
Dimensions and pics always helps.

How many bird and what are their ages, in weeks or months?
My space is too small, so I am building a large run addition (10x50) right now. I noticed that all of my chickens were kinda eating all feathers they found on the floor, and some were eating them off of other chickens. I have an 8yo (she's the bully) a 5.5yo (she's the lowest in the pecking order) three 2yos and six 9mo. I give them outside time everyday, and lots of things to keep them entertained, not all are food or treats.

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