feed at night

How are you feeding them now? I leave feed/water out 24/7 but a lot of people bring it in at night to help keep rodent problems under control. It is important (especially as we go into winter) that they have feed and water available before they go to roost so that they can go to bed with a full crop.
I make sure they have some food in their feeder when I lock up for the night...there is usually some left the next morning when I go out to check on them and get started for the day. I want to be sure everyone has had a chance to eat all they want before it gets too dark.

In the past I filled the feeder every evening and again in the morning but I have a mouse (most likely MICE) in the compost pile that is located near the run and have seen a mouse run up to the door only to be greeted by 3 chickens hoping he came under the door...so I'm assuming they have discovered the feed...I don't want to put 10#'s of feed out so they have a feast!
My chickens always have feed and water available day and night. I never know what the morning is going to bring so there is no guarantee I will be out there at first light. At least I know they are okay if I cannot get out there.
Same here.
i keep everyone's feed inside the coop at all times, to keep it from spilling on the ground outside and attracting mice and rats. i keep a waterer inside and one outside. At night i tip the outside waterers on their heads, again to discourage mice and rats. Started this after i saw some big rats running into the pens at night, helping themselves to a nice big drink of water.

Chickens don't eat or drink at night, but if they wake up before i do, at least they can munch a bit before i let them out.

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