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10 Years
Mar 2, 2012
What vessel are you using to feed your meaties? I'm feeding dry and using the round feeders. However, they turn into perannas every morning trampling each other!!

Are you using troughs? Bowls? Pics?

I'm feeding 50 Cornish x's in a chicken tractor.
We were using a trough that said it could feed up to 75 (we have 50 broilers) but yes they pile on top of each other at feeding time! So what I started doing is pouring the food on the ground in as long of a line as I can get and then pushing my chicken tractor on top of it. There is a little waste, but they actually just end up laying where the food was and pecking at the ground all day, so I don't think it's much waste.
I'm gonna give a few secrets away....

I use built in feeders in my tractors made out of plastic material

I use 2 feeders per tractor 5 feet long each mounted to the bottom boards of the tractors

I also feed twice a day to avoid the craziness of trying to feed them once a day they just go too crazy


I truly think I have the most efficient tractor design I have seen

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Those are some great ideas! The rain gutter is a slick idea that I might implement. Thanks!!
What type of feed are you all 'finishing' your birds with - my ducks are coming up on 9 weeks. I got Buff ducks for eggs & meat and as soon as I can figure out how to sex them, I have seen a few different suggestions, I am going to process about 5 of the ten I have....maybe 6... I have heard straight corn for a while before processing is good - I just don't want to feed them gmo - field corn and have to find something else...

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