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Good afternoon BYC'ers

We're going to do a large batch of meat birds this spring, about 50 birds. I have a feed mill nearby where I can get feed by the ton for WAAAAY cheaper than 50lb bags at TSC, but I have no idea what to tell them as far as ratios, ingredients, how to mix, etc.

Can someone help me out? I'm new to this, I have no idea what to order. Last year we did 10 Cornish X's and just fed them with 50lb bags of grower/finisher from TSC, but with 50-60 birds it's MUCH cheaper to buy it by the ton.
If I was gonna buy a ton of food and raise 50-60 birds, I would expect to have about a quarter of a ton left over.
I agree, if you plan on doing raising cx your don't need that much feed. With rangers oe a DP you may though.

If you tell your mill what you are doing they will probably have a feed mix that they usually use. See what they usually use and modify if you want to. If they don't have a mix that they have used they probably aren't a very good mill.
Most mills will have access to premix's to grind poultry feed. As soon as you vary, expect the price to go up as to access ingredients that they don't normally use will be more expensive for them (& you).
Not my mill. For example they sell a premix 15% layer feed that runs $8.75/bag. I just got a custom made 17% layer for $7.56/bag and it has some unique ingrediants, and it is higher in protein. The reason being is they put additional mark-up on the stuff they keep on the shelf because the people that are buying it are using less, so they try to make more $/bag.
I think I need to find a mill. I just paid $15.30 per 50lb bag for 20% and that was at a 10% discount!

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