Feeder & water in both coop and run?


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Apr 10, 2012
My 4 week old chicks/pullets are going into the coop at night and coming out at sunrise on their own. So I was thinking to just leave the feeder and water outside in the run all the time. They don't seem to eat or drink at night anyway. I was just going to leave the door open so they can go in and out as they please. I'm in Florida so they don't need the coop closed up at night to keep warm. Also, my run is fairly predator proof.

What do you more experienced people think of leaving the coop door open and the feeder and water in the run?
people have gone either way. I keep my feeder and waterer in the coop only, from critters as well as weather. In the summer, I add a pan of water in the run just for convenience.
We keep feed inside, to keep it from getting wet or damp. Water is inside in the winter so we can plug the bowl in but outside in the summer (because I had a leaking mishap last summer and don't want to worry about that again).
I've done it both ways and it's all good as far as I can tell. Currently the feed is inside and the water outside, I have no permanent door between the coop and the run. It's self-serve!

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