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Oct 9, 2020
Hello. I’m looking for a better feeder. The girls empty this one twice a day. Hard to tell if their eating or dumping-the ground is covered with straw so it’s hard to see. Thank a for the advice!


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I use a pvc pipe that leads into a container. I can quickly fill the pvc pipe and the feed goes down as they eat the feed. In the nice months, I can fill the pvc pipe twice a week and in the winter more often because they don't free range in the winter.
How many chickens do you have?
Treadle feeders work best long term by preventing waste and preventing a rodent or wild bird infestation but not all are the same. No fan of the Grandpa feeder, old poorly designed with plenty of issues. Google something like grandpa chicken feeder reviews or simply look at the negative reviews on Amazon.

But if you do go down that road and buy a guillotine style feeder like the grandpa go for the Chinese version for half the cost, same design, same problems and with Amazon you can always send it back when you realize it isn't working.

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