Feeding Chicks and Grown Chickens


11 Years
Dec 8, 2008
Cottage Grove, OR
Maybe this seems like a silly question, but now that I've got chicks following their Mama all around, I'm wondering how do I give them chick food and keep the other hens from getting it? If I put any out, all the other chickens just eat it and leave none for the babies.
I give them all 22% gamebird starter and put out oyster shell for the layers. I never have to worry about ages or anything and the extra protein is only beneficial to laying hens. It just costs a little more than layer feed. Some people have also made creep feeders for chicks. A creep feeder is a feeder that only young animals can get in to due to their size so you can feed them extra feed or different feed. Generally these are used for much larger livestock especially in confined areas so I'm not sure how the idea works for chicks.
I read that a creep feeder setup is an ideal way to introduce smaller chicks into an existing flock also, so they have a place to escape to if they are being bothered. Has anyone used this system to integrate new chicks into an existing flock?

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